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The Ceremony of Bathing

Throughout the ages, bathing has involved so much more than just getting clean.

In ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, the purifying properties of water were revered with sacred practices, while across Asia and Africa special ceremonies honoured its life-giving powers. And still today, Japanese onsen, Moroccan hammam and Scandinavian sauna are steeped in elaborate bathing customs.

In all of these traditions, aromatic oils and natural extracts have been used for health, beauty and emotional wellbeing. Divinely scented and brimming with therapeutic qualities, these ritual preparations are the inspiration behind the Abahna collection.

We've designed every beautifully packaged product with these rich traditions in mind - from exotically scented soaps, foams and creams to natural wax candles and room diffusers - so that you can enjoy the benefits of your own sumptuous, multi-sensory bathing experience.

Let the ceremony begin.

Bathing do's and don'ts


Don’t soak for longer than 20 minutes at a time – extended wallowing can dry out skin and zap energy.


Don’t soak for longer than 3 minutes in a cold bath.


Always wait until at least 40 minutes after eating before bathing.


We do not recommend bathing more than twice a day, it can strip your skin of its natural oils.


Try to avoid having a really hot bath just before bed as it increases your heart rate which can make it hard to sleep.

Water temperature


Although there are mixed views on hot baths, research shows that once the water temperature exceeds a certain heat (40° C) it has a stimulating effect, i.e. It increases the heart rate, so not always a good idea to have very hot bath straight before bed.

A bath of 40° C or more is fantastic for tight, aching muscles and because it increases circulation it’s great for helping to release toxins from the body. It’s good for the skin too; the steam opens your pores letting in warm water to flush out dirt and grime.


Bathing in water between 38 – 40° C stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and increases the secretion of noradrenaline. In turn, this reduces strain and stimulation both physiologically and psychologically, bringing about a feeling of relaxation and well being.

Warning: If you suffer from a heart condition, high blood pressure, are pregnant or have any other medical condition, please consult your doctor before a hot or cool/cold bath.


Immersing yourself in cool or cold water gives an exhilarating rush from your head to your toes. Water of between 16 and 27° C rapidly increases circulation and is said to stimulate the metabolism.

There’s no denying a cold bath wakes you up physically and mentally, so it’s great first thing in the morning or for when you want to revive yourself after a long, hard day.

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  • Phosphate Free
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  • Sulphate Free
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • SLS/SLES Free
  • Cruelty Free

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