White Grapefruit & May Chang scented candle 70g

White Grapefruit & May Chang scented candle 70g

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Carry your own fragranced candle to enjoy refreshing, stimulating citrus notes full of positive energy after a journey.  Our 70g scented candle gives up to 18 hours of fragrance as it burns so is perfect for making every daily bathing ceremony on business or holiday into an exotic pampering spa experience.



White Grapefruit & May Chang – A refreshing, inspiring scent to stimulate, lift the spirits and brighten the mood.

When visiting friends and family, these exquisite Englishmade scented candles make a perfect gift, beautifully boxed and presented in a ribbon topped gift box, so no need to wrap.



• 100% natural wax • Blended fragrant oils



Small quantities of 100% pure wax are hand poured by Abahna artisan candle makers to ensure the quality and purity of each batch. No petroleum is added for clean burning and lower carbon emissions that take care of the environment. 

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