White Grapefruit & May Chang Handbag Classics

White Grapefruit & May Chang Handbag Classics

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Utterly chic and feminine, Handbag Classics brings together a sleek silver perfume atomiser with a tube of the Abahna hand cream. Nourishing, rich, yet easily absorbed, the hand cream is a touch of luxury. Abahna’s Eau de Parfum makes layering their signature fragrances easy on the go.



White Grapefruit & May Chang – Refreshing, vivacious scent, fresh and inspiring, full of feel-good factor.



White Grapefruit & May Chang eau de parfum in silver atomiser 10 ml

White Grapefruit & May Chang hand cream tube 50 ml

Packaged in an Abahna gift bag



Essential oils • Organic wild flower honey • Organic aloe vera • Organic chamomile • Ginseng • Cocoa butter • Sweet almond oil 



Abahna products are crafted in small batches by expert blenders using organics and natural actives sourced from round the world for their known healing and skin softening properties. They contain no artificial colours and are FREE from SLES, SLS and parabens. Abahna is against animal testing.

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